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Throw Pillow Inserts Add a Designer Touch to Your Home

Have you walked into a neighbor’s home and admired the decorating and wondered how she pulled off the look? A secret might be in the quality of what you don’t see – things like throw pillow inserts.

Yes, it’s often what you don’t see that matters most. Throw pillow inserts come with different fillings that affect how the pillow looks and feels. The most practical throw pillow inserts are made from polyester. They retain their shape without looking too hard or too soft. Continue reading →


Outdoor Lights Adds Practical Ambience to Outdoor Living

With the warm summer months upon us, the perfect time for late night gatherings is here! Cold drinks and delicious food are sure to keep all of your friends satisfied; but don’t stop there! Keep the conversations flowing by adding finishing touches to your party or get together.

Outdoor lighting adds ambience and practicality to your outdoor setting. There are so many options available, from festive string lights to dramatic tiki torches. Outdoor string lights can run on solar, electric or batteries. When shopping, look for bulbs that are easy to replace if you intend to use them for more than one season. If electrical, make sure they are UL listed. UL refers to Underwriter’s Laboratories, an organization that approves electrical equipment for safety. Continue reading →