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Outdoor Pillows for Gracious Outdoor Living

Regardless of what the weather’s like where you live, most of us enjoy spending time outdoors. There’s just something about a cool breeze and a hot cup of coffee to help you relax, unwind and prepare for tomorrow. Beautiful outdoor pillows can make your time outdoors fun, relaxing and fully enjoyable. Most nowadays have UV protection so you can leave them in the sun for long periods. They’re also weather resistant and ready whether it’s rain or shine. The right outdoor pillows and furnishings should welcome your guests.


Decorating with Outdoor Pillows

Just as with your indoor living space, your outdoor space should showcase your style and tastes. This is easy to accomplish with a clever design and the right elements. Place a comfortable bench underneath your favorite tree. Add a bird fountain nearby with trickling water. But don’t stop there! You can create the perfect outdoor getaway and get the whole family involved in making your design come true.  There are endless features that can improve or even transform the space.


A Gazebo Versus a Pergola

Generally speaking, a gazebo has a roof, a floor and columns that leave the space between completely open. Most also have built-in seating. This is a project that only experienced homeowners should tackle. You’ll need power tools and some strong hands to do the work. Most home improvement stores sell these as kits that are not that difficult to put together. It might take a few weekends to complete though. A pergola is usually just an open roof with two or four columns depending on whether it’s freestanding or attached to the house. This type of project could be completed in a weekend. It offers partial shade, but you can grow vines of all types across the roof to provide full shade.


Home improvement stores offer another product that works well for many homeowners and it’s very simple to put together. These are ready-made canopies usually crafted of a durable plastic and/or aluminum. They are sold in kits with instructions about how to assemble and most come with mosquito netting. They can be placed anywhere in the yard and are able to withstand wind and weather. They’re very affordable as well. The trick to making one of these gazebo kits look great is with your furnishings, plants and accessories.


Adding Design Elements

Start with a comfortable outdoor seating area, then add some outdoor throw pillows to make it homey. Next add some small tables to hold drinks and other items.  You can place plants in the ground or simply use potted plants around the space. Make your outdoor space inviting, comfy and charming and guests will never want to leave.


Flowers Add Magical Enchantment All Year Long

Why not bring the charm of that smile-inducing comfort to your patio? Dazzle your guests and delight your senses with a fabulous combination of outdoor pillows and cushions. Start with bright florals set off by a rich blue background, signature design of the Telfair Peacock 18.5-inch Throw Pillow and Wicker Loveseat Cushion. Your garden will envy the way the floral pattern appears to swirl and pop into life. And every moment these stylish throw pillows and outdoor cushions tantalize your eyes; they’ll also cradle your body, thanks to their superior comfort level.

Add an Annie Westport Reversible 18.5-inch Throw Pillow to introduce warm notes of earth and spectacular flowers – then add a second pillow, reversed to accent the colorful mélange with a cheerful array of bright complimentary stripes. Suddenly, your patio has been transformed into an inviting garden of colors, stripes and flowers.

Celebrate Summer and Prepare for Guests with New Outdoor Cushions

Summer brings fresh air, warm temperatures and longer days to entertain family and friends. Now is a perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living area to make it inviting and welcoming for the fun days and nights ahead.

Think Color and Comfort
Think you have to sacrifice color for comfort? Not with Pillow Perfect! Our Baja Resort
Peacock collection offers vibrant style and luxurious comfort to your outdoor seating area. This collection will help you celebrate the season with bright, refreshing blues and lively greens. The Resort Peacock rounded corners chair cushion is an excellent addition to your outdoor seating and a welcoming invitation to your guests.

Creating a Perfect Summer Haven

The glorious, balmy days of summer are here, a rejuvenating season of relaxation, cool
drinks and lively conversations. In preparing your patio for memorable gatherings,
transform the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining environment by employing a few
simple design ideas.

Umbrellas Offer Elegance and Shade
Adding an umbrella to your patio not only provides comforting shade, but also
beautifully expresses your personal style. Include the Ummi Multi 9-foot Patio Market
Umbrella in your backyard, and you craft a look of breezy elegance that ushers friends
and guests into a joyful atmosphere of swirling shapes and energizing colors. It
immediately beckons your guests to a lighthearted celebration.

Vibrant Throw Pillows Add Burst of Color to Liven Your Home

Outdoor pillows do more than offer comfort; they provide the exclamation point to your outdoor décor. And nothing livens your get-togethers more than throw pillows in vibrant colors.

Our Bronport collection is bright and festive. The Bronwood Carnival Rounded Corner Chair Cushion swirls in a lively floral pattern of orange, turquoise, yellow and red. The extra comfortable cushions flatter any type of furniture from neutral metals to wrought iron. Extra details, like the matching fabric ties, are both practical and beautiful. Add matching throw pillows in Bronwood Carnival, the bold coordinating stripe Westport Spring, or rectangular throw pillows in our bright orange Forsyth Coral for a tropical feel.

Pattern Play Make for Artsy Decorating for Couch

Who says your throw pillows has to be the same color, shape and pattern for your couch? For pillow’s sake, switch it up! Your living room should breathe excitement. It should be a place where you want to enjoy … well … living – watching TV, entertaining guests, reading and more. Continue reading →

Add Excitement to Your Outdoor Entertaining

Add extra fun to your get-togethers this summer with our collection of outdoor
pillows. Vibrant florals, bold stripes and exciting solids combine to create a festive
outdoor living environment that will add spark and excitement to your outdoor

Our Bronwood Carnival rounded corners chair cushion features a swirling,
whimsical pattern of flowers and colors that will make you feel like a kid again.
Featuring bright shades of turquoise, coral, yellow and red, the Bronport Spring
Collection is an enjoyable way to jazz up your outdoor living room.

Throw Pillow Covers Make Easy, No Sew DIY Project

Throw pillow covers are among the easiest DIY projects in home decorating. For those who aren’t the best with a needle and thread, this DIY project isn’t anything to run from. You can make great designs without needing to know how to sew. Continue reading →

Adding Personality to a Room with New Throw Pillow Covers

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is by changing your throw pillows covers. Throw pillows are a fabulous visual expression of your personality and creative style. They add a designer touch and help set the perfect mood in your home.

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Throw Pillow Inserts – Add New Life to Your Favorite Pillows

Like a much-loved stuffed toy, favorite throw pillows in your family room or other high-use areas of you home may get, well, a bit too loved. But before you throw them out, donate them or designate them to a spare room or basement, consider another option—purchasing new throw pillow inserts.

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