Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Outdoor Curtains Add Sophistication to Outdoor Rooms

Creating a grand and luxurious outdoor haven on a porch or patio is a fantastic way to set yourself up for endless relaxation throughout the warm months ahead. Outdoor curtains provide shade and style, and can help tie together the theme to your outdoor room.

In addition to privacy and shade, outdoor curtains are also a great way to add character. Look for all-weather fabric that will hold up to the elements. The length of your curtains is important, so measure carefully. If the curtains are lightweight and you are aiming for a wispy look, buy outdoor curtains that will hang at least one inch above the flooring; this way they will catch the breeze. Continue reading →


Outdoor Pillows and Tasty Beverages Add to Relaxation, Enjoyment of Summer

Outdoor pillows are a key ingredient to your outdoor living space and making it an extension of your home. And no outdoor gathering is complete without friends, food and beverages. Homemade beverages, such as sangria, provide a delicious, personal touch that can make relaxing with friends even more fun and enjoyable.

Sangria is easy to make and perfect for relaxing after a busy day of yard work or basking in the sun. There are many variations of this tasty classic beverage, and it’s easy to personalize to make it your own. Keep in mind sangria takes a few hours to chill, so plan ahead! Based on a recipe for classic Spanish sangria, these basic ingredients and instructions can be adapted to meet your personal preference. Continue reading →