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Top Decorative Pillows Maker Launches “Lifestyle Design Series” Selections

For a more daring, exotic look, opt for a combination of rich royal paisley and floral patterns. Our Finders Keepers Blue collection gives your décor that bohemian, retro vibe. When paired with muted tones, this swirling motif makes a playful, chic interior. The designs vary in size and prints and each of these stylish pillows radiates a unique identity. Paired on a bed and sofa, this is a must-have for every elegant home.

These and many more color, pattern, and texture pairings can be found in our “Lifestyle Design Series.” These top graded indoor and outdoor pillows offered at our online stores can be mixed and matched with cushions for a variety of indoor/outdoor furniture including benches, chaise lounge, chairs, wrought iron seats, wicker seats.. Here at Pillow Perfect, we’re dedicated to advancing our craft and look forward to introducing many new designs for 2015.


Throw pillows – how to mix and match

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory to a well-dressed room. They add attitude, atmosphere and personality that fit your style. Throw pillows come in a variety of types and sizes. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Sizes and shapes for every setting

Throw pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes that make them great for decorating as well as for practical use. 24- inch square or larger throw pillows are often used as floor pillows. Stack them in a corner vertically or leaning against each other to add color and interest. 18- inch square throw pillows are industry standard and fit nicely on a sofa or chair of nearly any size. Add a rectangular pillow or two for interest and bolster pillows for function. Continue reading →

Choosing Rocking Chair Cushions

Rocking chairs used to hold a stigma of being only for the elderly, but today they are popular with young and old alike. Rocking chairs come in many varieties and often are made of wicker, wood or wood composite. The rocking chair grew in popularity in the 1800’s when American furniture companies began to produce them. The curved legs on rockers create the gentle motion that is soothing to people of all ages.

Rocking chair cushions are required elements to make them as comfortable as possible. In contrast to buying cushions for other types of furniture, however, buying rocking chair cushions requires additional considerations. Continue reading →

Making a Cozy Guest Room

Although the holidays are over, every day of the year is a perfect opportunity to extend your hospitality to guests by offering a place to stay for the night. Even without a formal guest room, you can still make your guest feel cozy and at home by offering every bit of comfort that your home can provide.

If you have a stark spare room, you can paint the walls with calming hues, such as blue, aqua, gray, or green. The lighter the color of the walls, the better you can play up the decorations. For added texture, you can accessorize with decorative pillows, candles, throws, and wall art. Add a chair, side table and reading lamp. Most importantly, make the bed comfy with sheets and pillows. Continue reading →

Decorating with Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor pillows have come a long way. Now there is less distinction between indoor and outdoor pillows. Nearly every style and fabric and look of indoor pillows has been created for use outdoors. The choice of colors, patterns, and textures has never been better, making it fun and easy to decorate. Here are some decorating trends to consider as you select new outdoor pillows. Continue reading →

How Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Help Improve a Home’s Overall Vibe

Colors help enhance mood in the interior space, and at the same time, serve to put an accent to objects in relation to each other. Bright colored pillows can easily be spotted from across the room when set against a sofa with demure patterns and colors. Fabric, texture, and pattern of throw pillows, when matched carefully, can improve the visual appearance and general vibe of the room. To further kick up the room’s vibrant ambiance, you may mix and match different sizes of throw pillows to provide better visual interest.

The best feature of having throw pillows around is its comfort or the “smoosh” factor. Soft, downy or comparatively firm pillows soften the look of edges or hard materials, balancing the elements to create a mood of coziness to make lounging so much more inviting.

What do Rocking Chair Cushions do for your Chairs?

If you want to have some time for yourself but don’t want to spend it in front of a PC monitor, you can look for a good spot in your home, pull up a rocking chair, and do whatever it is you want to do. Most people enjoy sitting in their rocking chairs while drinking a refreshing beverage, reading their favorite book, relishing the view, or just plain relaxing. There’s not much to be said about relaxing if your rocking chair proves to be uncomfortable. Continue reading →

It’s So Fluffy! Fuzzy Pillow Inserts Change the Look of Your Couch

If you’re looking for a bit of change in your living room, but aren’t really up for a total makeover or a renovation, you can still change the look in your room by simply changing your throw pillows. They’re affordable, and you can do it anytime, without delay.

For amazing throw pillows, one of the things that you need to look into is the quality of the pillow’s insert. Yes, the pillow you’ve got your eye on might have the fluffiest pillow inserts, but will it still hold after a few months of use? Apartment Therapy offers this useful tip on trying out a pillow for quality.

Relax Outdoors with the Right Furniture

Why keep all your furniture indoors? For homes with great lawns or scenic landscapes, furniture strategically arranged on the patio can make your outdoors a great place to relax and soak in the sun during the day, and watch the stars or the sun set in the night. For that, you’ll need an ideal selection of furniture. Here are some great ideas to keep in mind when shopping for patio furniture. Continue reading →

Reputable Decorative Outdoor Cushions Maker Celebrates its 25th Year

The company’s rich history dates back in 1989 when brothers Paul and David started a business for manufacturing decorative pillows. After securing their first major order, they had only their credit cards to finance the production. With sheer determination, they were able to beat the odds and prove their reliability to their first major customer.

The company’s growth involved lots of moving around. It relocated to Marietta, Georgia in 1993, and then returned to Woodstock, Georgia in 1999. Currently, the manufacturer is headquartered in a 40,000–square-foot complex in Woodstock, Georgia, staffed by about 65 personnel.