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Throw Pillow Covers Reflect Your Personal Style

The change in seasons brings new ideas and thoughts of redecorating. Rather than replacing all the accessories in your room, new throw pillow covers are an easy decorating solution to add personality and pizazz to your home.

Some homeowners change their throw pillow covers on a regular basis to add variety. Doing this is a fantastic way to also change the accessories in your room and showcase your changing taste or old family favorites. For example, after a beach vacation, print photos from your trip and display in homemade seashell frames. To complete the summery look, buy throw pillow covers with a nautical theme.

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Outdoor Curtains Add Sophistication to Outdoor Rooms

Creating a grand and luxurious outdoor haven on a porch or patio is a fantastic way to set yourself up for endless relaxation throughout the warm months ahead. Outdoor curtains provide shade and style, and can help tie together the theme to your outdoor room.

In addition to privacy and shade, outdoor curtains are also a great way to add character. Look for all-weather fabric that will hold up to the elements. The length of your curtains is important, so measure carefully. If the curtains are lightweight and you are aiming for a wispy look, buy outdoor curtains that will hang at least one inch above the flooring; this way they will catch the breeze. Continue reading →

Choosing Rocking Chair Cushions

Rocking chairs used to hold a stigma of being only for the elderly, but today they are popular with young and old alike. Rocking chairs come in many varieties and often are made of wicker, wood or wood composite. The rocking chair grew in popularity in the 1800’s when American furniture companies began to produce them. The curved legs on rockers create the gentle motion that is soothing to people of all ages.

Rocking chair cushions are required elements to make them as comfortable as possible. In contrast to buying cushions for other types of furniture, however, buying rocking chair cushions requires additional considerations. Continue reading →

What do Rocking Chair Cushions do for your Chairs?

If you want to have some time for yourself but don’t want to spend it in front of a PC monitor, you can look for a good spot in your home, pull up a rocking chair, and do whatever it is you want to do. Most people enjoy sitting in their rocking chairs while drinking a refreshing beverage, reading their favorite book, relishing the view, or just plain relaxing. There’s not much to be said about relaxing if your rocking chair proves to be uncomfortable. Continue reading →

Tips on Replacing Your Rocking Chair Cushions

Why do your grandparents love sitting outdoors in their rocking chairs? Simple: there is something comforting and relaxing about staying outdoors and observing nature while sitting in a chair that steadily rocks back and forth. To make your outdoor rocking chair more comfortable, some necessary touch ups might be in line. Continue reading →