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Vibrant Throw Pillows Add Burst of Color to Liven Your Home

Outdoor pillows do more than offer comfort; they provide the exclamation point to your outdoor décor. And nothing livens your get-togethers more than throw pillows in vibrant colors.

Our Bronport collection is bright and festive. The Bronwood Carnival Rounded Corner Chair Cushion swirls in a lively floral pattern of orange, turquoise, yellow and red. The extra comfortable cushions flatter any type of furniture from neutral metals to wrought iron. Extra details, like the matching fabric ties, are both practical and beautiful. Add matching throw pillows in Bronwood Carnival, the bold coordinating stripe Westport Spring, or rectangular throw pillows in our bright orange Forsyth Coral for a tropical feel.


Summerize Your Outdoor Area

With the warm summer months quickly approaching, it’s time to think about bringing the comfort and style of your home outdoors. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your outdoor living area for entertaining and the sunny season ahead.

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25% Off Sale: Stock Up Now on Your Favorite Pillows

Getting ready for a graduation party? Now is the perfect time to purchase outdoor cushions and pillows to update the look of your outdoor haven and provide comfortable seating for guests. Check out our new Clemens Noir pattern, available in a variety of options, including chair, garden bench and chaise lounge cushions, oversized rectangular throw pillows and more. The stylish Clemens Noir fabric, like all our outdoor fabrics, is weather resistant to hold up over many seasons. All Clemens Noir products are 25% off during this sale.

With guests coming over, update your indoor living area as well. Most of our throw pillow and pillow inserts are on sale. The Fergano Aqua 23-inch floor pillow adds soothing color and practical comfort to your home. The oversized dimensions look great on a sofa or on the floor.

Top Decorative Pillows Maker Launches “Lifestyle Design Series” Selections

For a more daring, exotic look, opt for a combination of rich royal paisley and floral patterns. Our Finders Keepers Blue collection gives your décor that bohemian, retro vibe. When paired with muted tones, this swirling motif makes a playful, chic interior. The designs vary in size and prints and each of these stylish pillows radiates a unique identity. Paired on a bed and sofa, this is a must-have for every elegant home.

These and many more color, pattern, and texture pairings can be found in our “Lifestyle Design Series.” These top graded indoor and outdoor pillows offered at our online stores can be mixed and matched with cushions for a variety of indoor/outdoor furniture including benches, chaise lounge, chairs, wrought iron seats, wicker seats.. Here at Pillow Perfect, we’re dedicated to advancing our craft and look forward to introducing many new designs for 2015.

Differentiating the Various Types of Pillows

Homeowners might not be privy to this information, but there are, in fact, quite a number of pillow variations located across their respective homes. While all pillows have the same function– to provide comfortable seating or bedding for its users– you can still differentiate the various types of pillows by their size and design.

Smaller pillows are called throw or toss pillows; as their name suggests, these pillows are generally placed in people’s couches, chairs, and beds. They come in an assortment of designs and sizes– most throw pillows are under 24 inches long, and are often adorned with embellishments. Continue reading →

Decorating your Patio Nautical Style

Feel like lounging on the high seas? If your answer to that is “aye,” then an authentic nautical-themed patio should be right up your alley. To get your redecoration project started, here are some things you could try.

Maintain a base palette– When talking about a nautical theme, colors that embody life at sea would dominate everything—from striking navy blues to clean whites (reminiscent of the deep blue sea and bright sky), combined with khaki accents (akin to the rope and riggings of a ship). Keep this palette going and you’ve got the basic nautical feeling down pat. Remember, however, to sprinkle in some other colors like red to keep the overall motif lively and avoid predictability. Continue reading →