Throw Pillow Covers Make Easy, No Sew DIY Project

Throw pillow covers are among the easiest DIY projects in home decorating. For those who aren’t the best with a needle and thread, this DIY project isn’t anything to run from. You can make great designs without needing to know how to sew.

Knotted Finish:

Start by purchasing whatever fabric of your choosing. Measure to make sure the fabric is three times the length and width of the pillow. Place the pillow in the center and on the opposite side of the fabric. If you must cut the fabric to better adjust the size of the pillow, use pinking shear scissors to refrain from having frayed edges. Fold the bottom half of the fabric up toward the center of the pillow and the top half fold down. Pin them together to hold in place. Similar to wrapping a present, tuck the sides down under the pillow a little and fold the ends of the fabric to form a slight triangular shape. Bring both sides of the ends together and begin to tie in a square knot.

Shimmer and Shine:

Take your old throw pillow covers up a notch with metallic glitter! Remove the cover and place it on a hard, sturdy surface. For a specific design, take a pencil and outline whatever shape you choose, like a heart, star or a rainbow. Create a gluey mixture with metallic glitter and quick drying glue like Mod Podge. Use a medium sized paint brush, and start painting your cover. Let the first coat dry for about 10 minutes and repeat with the glitter a few more times until you are satisfied. Allow the cover to dry overnight before putting it back on your pillow.


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