Throw Pillow Inserts – Add New Life to Your Favorite Pillows

Like a much-loved stuffed toy, favorite throw pillows in your family room or other high-use areas of you home may get, well, a bit too loved. But before you throw them out, donate them or designate them to a spare room or basement, consider another option—purchasing new throw pillow inserts.

Throw pillow inserts are an economical and smart way to freshen the look of your favorite throw pillows, adding years to their life. It also saves time; instead of shopping for brand new pillows, and having to decide on colors, textures and styles, you can utilize instead the same, beloved throw pillows with new throw pillow inserts. Your family will be grateful, while you save time and money.

So, which throw pillow inserts should you buy? It’s a matter of personal preference. Polyester is the most common choice due to its durability and its. Also, polyester can be formed into many varieties of firmness and loft; some polyester pillow inserts mimic the feel of down feathers, while on the other end of the spectrum, some varieties are very firm.

While it’s a matter of personal choice, no matter which type of throw pillow inserts you choose, make sure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer to ensure long life and value.


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