Summerize Your Outdoor Area

With the warm summer months quickly approaching, it’s time to think about bringing the comfort and style of your home outdoors. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your outdoor living area for entertaining and the sunny season ahead.

First, plan ahead. Pull off the outdoor furniture covers well in advance of throwing a party. Allow sufficient time to remove the dust and cobwebs that may have collected over the winter. Check your outdoor umbrella to make sure the tilt and crank mechanisms work smoothly, and examine the fabric for holes or fraying. When cleaning outdoor tables and chairs, keep an eye out for rust or stains. Also check outdoor cushions for tears and replace them if needed.

Next, clean and prepare your outdoor grill. We all know that summer is the season for barbeques, regardless of whether your taste runs to juicy rib eye steaks or savory veggie kabobs. Fire up your grill to make sure it’s working properly and buy an extra propane tank so you do not run out of fuel when cooking.

Now is also the perfect time to emphasize your personal style in your outdoor living area. An easy way to do this is to pick an accent color, then select outdoor pillows and accessories that contain this color. Look for weather resistant, tightly woven fabrics made from polyester or acrylic. This combination provides you with durable outdoor pillows that won’t be intimidated by rain or sunlight.

Another great way to show off your style is to hang a couple faux stained glass panels (also called suncatchers) from eyehooks on your outdoor area overhang. This a stylish, easy way to add splashes of color that will coordinate with your outdoor pillows and accessories and pull together your entire look.

Have fun bringing your personality outdoors – and let the summer begin!


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