Adding Personality to a Room with New Throw Pillow Covers

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is by changing your throw pillows covers. Throw pillows are a fabulous visual expression of your personality and creative style. They add a designer touch and help set the perfect mood in your home.

What personality do you want for your room? Selecting the right size pillow will help. Standard squares are approximately 18 inches and rest comfortably on most sofas. If you desire a more casual feel, oversize pillows (24 inches) fit this purpose marvelously. This versatile size can also be used as floor pillows.

Would you like to set an upbeat, lively mood? Think in terms of bright, vibrant colors. If your furniture upholstery is a solid shade, patterned pillows in asymmetrical designs will provide an exciting accent.

If your furniture and pillows are an eclectic mix of patterns, seek unifying elements that will bring everything together. An easy, clever solution is to buy throw pillow covers in coordinating solid shades. With a nearly limitless selection available, you can select different textures in the same shade that will pull together your room while presenting an updated new look.

New pillow inserts will also add a fresh feel to your room. To obtain the best fit, stretch out the corners of your pillow and measure corner-to-corner. Select a throw pillow insert that is 1-1/2 – 2 inches larger than the cover.

No matter what pattern or size you select, new throw pillows and throw pillow covers offer an easy solution to your decorating needs.


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