Choosing Rocking Chair Cushions

Rocking chairs used to hold a stigma of being only for the elderly, but today they are popular with young and old alike. Rocking chairs come in many varieties and often are made of wicker, wood or wood composite. The rocking chair grew in popularity in the 1800’s when American furniture companies began to produce them. The curved legs on rockers create the gentle motion that is soothing to people of all ages.

Rocking chair cushions are required elements to make them as comfortable as possible. In contrast to buying cushions for other types of furniture, however, buying rocking chair cushions requires additional considerations.

Padding: The rocking motion and movement creates greater pressure and wear on the cushion. Choose a cushion that is thicker for a softer feel and longer-lasting cushion.

Security: While most chair cushions need to be fastened to the chair, this is even more important with rocking chairs. Look for sturdy ties that use Velcro, or if hand-tied, are long enough to double tie and fasten securely. Along this line, choosing a rocking chair cushion with ties in non-slip fabric is important to prevent unfastening.

Material: Look for durable fabrics. For example, while a chintz print in a silky texture may look great when you first buy it, over time the fabric will show wear faster than a solid or print in a more durable fabric, such as a sturdy cotton. Fabrics you will want to avoid for rocking chair cushions include silk, rayon or rayon-polyester blends.


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