Making a Cozy Guest Room

Although the holidays are over, every day of the year is a perfect opportunity to extend your hospitality to guests by offering a place to stay for the night. Even without a formal guest room, you can still make your guest feel cozy and at home by offering every bit of comfort that your home can provide.

If you have a stark spare room, you can paint the walls with calming hues, such as blue, aqua, gray, or green. The lighter the color of the walls, the better you can play up the decorations. For added texture, you can accessorize with decorative pillows, candles, throws, and wall art. Add a chair, side table and reading lamp. Most importantly, make the bed comfy with sheets and pillows.

What if there isn’t a room to spare, and all you can offer your guest is the couch? You can still make it as snug as a bug. Three to four throw pillows should be enough, but make sure that these are soft and cozy, either made of cotton or polyester. Also give them sheets or blankets that are soft to the touch, such as those made of flannel and cotton.

No matter how big or small your place is, you can still make it welcoming to your guests. After all, it’s the small things that will ultimately make your guests feel at home.


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