Measuring Your Outdoor Furniture for Cushions

Outdoor furniture is created for durability, but you will need outdoor chair cushions to provide comfort. Following these steps in measuring your outdoor furniture will help ensure you buy outdoor chair cushions in the correct size.

Measuring for Outdoor Patio Chairs:

First, measure the length of the chair from the front of the seat to the back. Add one inch to this measurement to ensure a more comfortable fit. Next, measure the width of the chair at the center of the seat (if the chair has arms, measure the width between them). If there is a curve in the backrest, add 1.5″ to this measurement. To determine the thickness of the outdoor cushion, add one inch to the height of the back opening of the chair.

Measuring for Outdoor Lounge Chairs:

To determine the length of the back rest, measure from the top of the back rest down to the fold at the rear of the seat. Then, measure the length of the seat from the end (front of the seat) to the fold at the back of the seat. To measure for width, you will take three measurements. First, measure the width at the top back of the lounge chair. Second, measure the width just below the fold (between the arms) at the seat. Third, measure the width at the end by the leg rest. Use the narrowest measurement of these three figures to determine the overall width.

By following these steps your can be confident in ordering well-fitting outdoor furniture cushions.


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