Decorating your Patio Nautical Style

Feel like lounging on the high seas? If your answer to that is “aye,” then an authentic nautical-themed patio should be right up your alley. To get your redecoration project started, here are some things you could try.

Maintain a base palette– When talking about a nautical theme, colors that embody life at sea would dominate everything—from striking navy blues to clean whites (reminiscent of the deep blue sea and bright sky), combined with khaki accents (akin to the rope and riggings of a ship). Keep this palette going and you’ve got the basic nautical feeling down pat. Remember, however, to sprinkle in some other colors like red to keep the overall motif lively and avoid predictability.

Make good use of sea trinkets as décor– Of course, a nautical-themed patio wouldn’t be complete without familiar trinkets from sailing and high seas lore. For one, you could score an old life preserver and personalize it; or ingeniously design a table accordingly by coiling an oversized rope around its base.

Pillows, pillows, pillows– Accentuate your sofas with accent pillows sporting classic, sea-themed designs. If you aren’t too keen on prints, you could still opt for plain pillows that perfectly accentuate your preset color scheme. Just make sure that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Maximize textures– Wooden textures are vital to creating that high seas feel, but remember to keep yourself in check and avoid overdoing it. When used wisely, such textures give neutral corners depth and dimension.


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