A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Updating your patio furniture’s looks for the season is can be quite the challenge considering the fabric is often exposed to the outdoor elements. If you’re a bit concerned about picking the right ones, however, here are a few handy tips.

Measurement– Of course, what good would a brand new cushion do if it wouldn’t even fit on a chair? To avoid this dilemma, make sure that you’ve adequately measured and jotted down your furniture’s length and width. It’s a simple step, but important nonetheless.

Material– Probably the most important item on this list, the cushion’s material is of utmost importance. First and foremost, you need to look for materials that offer a significant amount of resistance to fading, water damage, and stains. For instance: UV resistance for outdoor chair cushions are recommended, especially for locales with high temperatures during summer time.

Different types of materials are used for outdoor cushions. Of all those, three are the most common: polyester, acrylic, and marine fabrics. All three are water resistant, albeit at different degrees: marine is the most resistant of all, followed by acrylic and polyester.

Design– The design aspect of the selection process relies heavily on you. You could choose designs that either complement or contrast your furniture’s current motif, or ones that follow a new theme of your choice.


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